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Are you ready
for the next chapter in your life?

For thousands of years, human kind has develop unique ways to connect with each other and the Universe around him, she or both. 

During this time of negligence, discovery, polarity and oblivion, multiple lives have come and go, multiple lives with its own story, relationships, joys and pains, running high in the wild and wise as you may never known, and they are still speaking in the core of your mind, heart and soul, storaged deep in your DNA, deep in who you are, deep in your SOUL.

Would you like to know what your Soul is saying?

Would you like to know what you came here to accomplish?

Would you like to know what you came here to do?

I can help you. 

Your soul is always whispering.

And I can hear it. 

I can help you see the lessons your soul is learning,

the prices you´re about to unlock, 

The shadow that is always dimming,

and change it to help you roar.

The choice is yours, 

it is one click away.

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Grace VH is a holistic therapist, psychic and coach.

That loves to help people become the most clear and pure version of themselves by integrating all the shadow that is tormenting them in many different forms and channeling pure bliss from their angels, ancestors and their purest self. 

She works with techniques such as Thetahealing, Reiki, Human Design, Pranic Healing, Etheric Healing, Cartomancy, Clairvoyance and Mediumship. She speaks 3 languages, has given lessons around the world and has been a skilled healer for over 10 years.  


Her uniqueness comes from focusing her energy in channeling downloads specifically design for each individual and their unique journey, helping you integrate, release and evolve by providing you clarity, security, peace and self love in your own and unique language. She currently lives in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora in Mexico with her family of four where she works giving lessons and healings on line and works on the launch of her first book.

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Es buena, profesional, cálida y atenta. Tiene talento para detectar y quitar creencias negativas en el inconsciente, es también eficiente y rápida sanando. ¡La recomiendo!

Mane Manero
Terapeuta, artista y escritor.

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