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Are you ready to start the most amazing chapter of your life?

In this reality, the earth has reached a point of expansion where we face two great realities, in one we discover our talents as wise caretakers of the planet and we discover how the energy works around us to join the endless dance of co-creation that is the cosmos or do we continue to live in wars, pollution and destruction in the immense void, the result of our inability to love, heal and correct our mistakes.


The result is not random, you are part of this enormous decision, your voice and your actions have never had as much impact and weight as today. Are you ready to discover how to fulfill your role in this new Era, innovating your thinking, your relationships and your level of abundance in the world?


The Result it's up to You.

You are THE big decision.

Your voice and your actions vibrating at the high frequency of Love are the only thing that can help balance the scale.

Do you wanna learn about your gifts? How to harmonize your thinking, clear your energy field, upgrade the quality of your relationships, improve your level of abundance in the world? How to help others? and so, so much more...

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Who is Grace?


Grace Valdez is a skilled Psychic, Medium, Energy Healer and Coach creator of  The Psychic Healing method. Her passion is to guide people through their process of transformation following the basic concepts of integration, flow and knowledge under the help and guidance of Energy of Source, ascended masters, ancestors and recalibrators.


 In her work you can find inspiration from recognized techniques from her past studies such as Thetahealing, Reiki, Human Design, Pranic Healing, Etheric Healing, Therapeudic Tarot, PNL and Hypnotic Regression.

Her uniqueness comes from her experience and her compassionate and cheerfuller personality as well as her ability of making complex concepts simple


She currently lives in the city of Hermosillo in Mexico with her family of four where she offers online courses, therapies and readings and works on the launch of her first book.



My divine mission is to accompany you on your spiritual path by helping you heal your soul wounds, awakening your intuition and teaching you how to use your psychic gifts so that you can increase your Energy and live your life feeling full and happy!

Let's harmonize the information flowing in your DNA and synchronize it with your true-self.

Come on in new Psychics, Witches, Healers, Teachers and Intuitive people.

Discover more and fall in love with the process in the following link:

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She is good, professional, warm and attentive. She has a talent for detecting and removing negative beliefs in the unconscious, she is also efficient and fast at healing. I recommend it!

Mane Manero

Writer,  teacher, therapist and artist.

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